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Unions news and analysis from The Nation

  • March 31, 2005

    Fighting for Unions

    Some 57 million nonunion workers in the United States say they would form a union tomorrow if given the chance, according to new poll conducted in February by Peter D. Hart and Associates.

    Stewart Acuff

  • March 3, 2005

    Chips Fall in Vegas

    "We have to change the AFL-CIO,"

    David Moberg

  • March 2, 2005

    On the Money

    Massive resources are at stake in the debate roiling the AFL-CIO's Las Vegas summit.

    David Moberg

  • February 24, 2005

  • December 9, 2004

    Lessons for Labor

    What unions did right--and wrong--in the 2004 election.

    David Moberg


  • October 7, 2004

    Union Makes Its Bed

    On September 29 in San Francisco, 4,000 hotel employees--all members of the newly merged union UNITE HERE--walked out on strike or were locked out of their workplaces after their contracts expire

    Peter Dreier and Kelly Candaele

  • April 15, 2004

    A Dream Deferred

    After bloody battles for desegregation, blacks in Memphis are still behind.

    Michael Honey

  • April 1, 2004

    A Union of Unions

    There are bigger American unions, but none that are feistier organizers than HERE (hotel and restaurant workers) and UNITE (historically garment and textile workers).

    David Moberg

  • March 18, 2004

    New School, Old Tricks

    The New School University is one of Manhattan's most storied progressive institutions. But don't tell that to the people who work there.

    Eyal Press

  • December 18, 2003

    Texas, Inc.

    Taking privatization to extremes, a new law ends the public sector as we knew it.

    Kim Phillips-Fein