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Sanctions news and analysis from The Nation

  • November 26, 2002

    Containing Saddam

    Critics of America's plans to oust Saddam Hussein militarily have mounted powerful arguments, but not one has articulated a coherent nonmilitary strategy to bring about the demise of the monstr

    Andrew Mack

  • December 13, 2001

    Cuban Embargo-Buster?

    Food companies ship supplies to Cuba in the aftermath of Hurricane Michelle, in what could be the beginning of the end for the tediously long US embargo of the island country.

    Peter Kornbluh

  • December 14, 2000

    Chokehold on the World

    Are sanctions ethical--or an ill-used weapon of mass destruction?

    Joy Gordon

  • March 4, 1999

    Sanctions as Siege Warfare

    The continuing American bombing of Iraq has drawn attention away from the international debate over economic sanctions against Baghdad and their toll on the Iraqi people.

    Joy Gordon