Joy Gordon

Joy Gordon, who teaches philosophy at Fairfield University, is at work on a book on the Iraq sanctions to be published by Harvard University Press.

UN Oil for Food ‘Scandal’ UN Oil for Food ‘Scandal’

The CIA's Duelfer report may have confirmed the gross falsity of the WMD claims invoked by the Bush Administration to justify its war against Iraq, but it has also triggered a fe...

Nov 18, 2004 / Editorial / Joy Gordon

Chokehold on the World Chokehold on the World

Are sanctions ethical--or an ill-used weapon of mass destruction?

Dec 14, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Joy Gordon

Sanctions as Siege Warfare Sanctions as Siege Warfare

The continuing American bombing of Iraq has drawn attention away from the international debate over economic sanctions against Baghdad and their toll on the Iraqi people.

Mar 4, 1999 / Feature / Joy Gordon