Globalizing Clinical Research Globalizing Clinical Research

Big Pharma tries out First World drugs on unsuspecting Third World patients.

Jun 13, 2002 / Feature / Sonia Shah

Anthrax and the Military Anthrax and the Military

The Pentagon's recent decision to limit anthrax vaccine shots to those at high risk does not address the fundamental objection to the shots, which is the lack of informed consent....

Jun 13, 2002 / Feature / Mary L. Cummings

Department of Earth Security Department of Earth Security

The EPA cites chapter, and some verse, To show this warming's making matters worse. It's getting worse no matter how you score it. So here's the plan: They think we should ign...

Jun 13, 2002 / Column / Calvin Trillin

The Anthrax Fumble The Anthrax Fumble

Bureaucratic timidity and turf battles needlessly put many Americans at risk.

Feb 28, 2002 / Feature / Dr. Marc Siegel

A Stealth Attack on Freedom of the Press A Stealth Attack on Freedom of the Press

The Federal Communications Commission is presently conducting an inquiry--a "rulemaking"--to determine whether to relax, or even to eliminate, the remaining few regulations that ...

Feb 21, 2002 / Feature / Robert W. McChesney and Mark Crispin Miller

Whitman: A Toxic Choice Whitman: A Toxic Choice

When W. gave the nod to New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman for the top EPA spot in his administration, the tone-deaf national press corps praised the appointment of a "mod...

Jan 11, 2001 / Feature / Doug Ireland

How Stands the Union? How Stands the Union?

In their campaigns for the White House, the major-party candidates--even the one backed by labor--spent little time debating labor-law reform. Nevertheless, the AFL-CIO ha...

Jan 5, 2001 / Books & the Arts / Steve Early

Pill of Choice Pill of Choice

It took twelve years for the FDA to approve mifepristone--also known as RU-486--and most of that time had less to do with medicine than with the politics of abortion. Still, th...

Oct 5, 2000 / Editorial / The Editors