Iraq War

Reflections on a War Reflections on a War

It was the best of wars. It was the worst of wars. But did the war in Iraq change anyone's mind?

May 1, 2003 / Editorial / Charles Glass

Weapons of Mass Delusion? Weapons of Mass Delusion?

Tom Friedman doesn't care if the United States ever finds weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

May 1, 2003 / Column / Katha Pollitt

Militants at the Crossroads Militants at the Crossroads

When Ayatollah Abdel Majid al-Khoei was stabbed to death earlier this month by a mob in Shiite Islam's holiest mosque, the bloody event was widely described as a blow to the forc...

Apr 24, 2003 / Feature / Ari Z. Weisbard

Letter From Ground Zero Letter From Ground Zero

In Baghdad this week, one Mohammed Mohsen Zubaidi, an Iraqi businessman with ties to the Iraqi National Congress, has shown up claiming to be the city's governor.

Apr 24, 2003 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

It’s the Oil, Stupid

It’s the Oil, Stupid It’s the Oil, Stupid

On the second day of the invasion of Iraq, US commandos seized two Iraqi offshore oil terminals in the Persian Gulf, capturing their defenders without a fight.

Apr 24, 2003 / Editorial / Michael T. Klare

War Profiteering War Profiteering

Even before US troops arrived in Baghdad, looting broke out--in Washington.

Apr 24, 2003 / Editorial / The Editors

Unfit to Be King Unfit to Be King

He might have the toughest detail this war has to offer.

Apr 10, 2003 / Editorial / Geoffrey Gray

The Reckoning in Iraq The Reckoning in Iraq

Emerging from their meeting in Belfast the day before US forces announced Baghdad had fallen, George W.

Apr 10, 2003 / Editorial / The Editors

Colin Powell at UN - AP

Powell Fails to Make Case Powell Fails to Make Case

The good soldier’s message at the UN is likely to carry enormous weight in shaping public opinion. But he did not make a compelling case.

Feb 6, 2003 / Editorial / Katrina vanden Heuvel

Weighing a Just War, or Settling an Old Score? Weighing a Just War, or Settling an Old Score?

In a column from 2002, Robert Scheer takes a look back at the Bush Administrations's real motivation to go to war.

Aug 6, 2002 / Column / Robert Scheer