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October 2, 2006 Issue

Mark Hertsgaard examines California’s global warming initiative, Peter Kwong looks at China’s burgeoning economy and growing soc…

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Bush’s Selective Perception

President Bush's address to the UN General Assembly was less disdainful than earlier speeches, but it shined a light on the President's willful blindness to the complexity of the p...

CA Leads on Climate

California's global warming initiative shows how far ahead the state is compared with the federal government. But it also reveals how America lags behind the rest of the world.


Render Unto Syria

Will anyone in the somnambulant White House press corps dare ask the President why he would "render" a Canadian to Syria to be tortured and imprisoned without charges?

Sneakers for Social Justice?

New York Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury is getting props with a $14.98 sneaker designed to appeal to low-income kids. But the criticism he's endured over sweatshop labor shows ...



The Real Crisis in Uganda

The cease-fire between Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army is only a first step in resolving the humanitarian crisis. The West must push for the release of 2 million Acholis...

Congo Journey

It was the strangest journey of my life, and it will always be. I was looking for fictional characters I had invented, in a country I had never visited.

Books & the Arts

Unnatural Disaster

Three new books reappraise the massive earthquake of 1906, which was felt across an area of 400,000 miles and leveled much of San Francisco.

The Lives They Led

Claire Messud's The Emperor's Children is a superb comedy of manners, a richly tragicomic view of three thirtysomething Ivy Leaguers in the days leading up to 9/11.

The Illusionist

Alexander Stille's The Sack of Rome explores how Silvio Berlusconi subverted Italy's government, history and culture.

Music of My Mind

John Gennari's Blowin' Hot and Cool looks at the intimate but fractious relationship between jazz luminaries and their critics.

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