Cover of November 27, 2006 Issue


Wanted: A Real Leader

Steny Hoyer spouts Beltway conventional wisdom no matter what the cost to his party; Jack Murtha has the potential to help revise our national security and economic priorities. Is ...

Ellen Willis, 1941-2006

Friends and colleagues remember Ellen Willis, political essayist, journalist, rock critic and valued contributor to The Nation, who died November 9.

Haggard Values

The homophobic values vote took a body blow in the midterm elections, helped along by hypocrisy in high places.

Fixing Elections

Let's stop obsessing over conspiracy and focus on the real problem: lack of reliability, transparency and accountability in our electoral system.

A New Southern Strategy

The midterm elections proved to Democrats that the South must not be written off. The key to winning rural and working-class voters in Dixie is the same as anywhere else.

Measuring the Mandate

Democrats will claim their electoral mandate by understanding how they won: by fielding activist candidates with a clear antiwar message and by defending civil liberties.

It’s Over for Bush

As voters expressed their disgust, this election signaled a repudiation of the corrupt Bush regime, a clear antiwar victory and the collapse of the conservative order.


The Death of News

In cities across America, reporters are being laid off, TV stations are cutting back coverage and the newspaper industry is crumbling to dust. When it all shakes out, will Wikipedi...



A New Idea Grows in Alabama

Poverty, race and obesity have a lot in common. In Alabama an underfunded federal program addresses the problem by providing fresh produce to low-income residents and seniors.

‘Arrows for the War’

The Christian "Quiverfull" movement measures a mother's spiritual resolve by the number of children she raises, each one an arrow in the quiver of God's army.

Books & the Arts

The Body in Pain

Fernando Botero's latest series of paintings, inspired by the Abu Ghraib photos, immerse us in the experience of suffering in a way the original photographs never did.

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