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November 26, 2007 Issue

John Nichols on Michael Mukasey, Patricia J. Williams on judicial activism in the US and Pakistan, an Elizabeth Willis poem…

Cover art by: Cover art by Steve Brodner, design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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Nation Notes

Farewell, David Corn, and best of luck in your new venture. Welcome, Christopher Hayes to The Nation's Washington bureau.

Musharraf’s Emergency

If the United States is so keen on spreading democracy and fighting radical Islamists, why does it continue to back a leader who has suspended the Constitution and gone to war with...

Voting for Torture

By approving Michael Mukasey's nomination for Attorney General despite his evasions on waterboarding, the Senate has led us all across a dangerous line.




Readers react--positively and negatively--to design changes in the print edition of The Nation.


Books & the Arts

Come On, People

A new book by Bill Cosby and Alvin Poussaint is a tough-love prescription for social change. Why are critics in the black community piling on?

Judging Thomas

A close look at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas reveals a deeply conservative and increasingly bitter man.

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