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November 17, 2003 Issue

Molly Ivins asks if Texas is part of America, Eric Alterman defends Paul Krugman and Kevin Y. Kim hails a radio revolution.

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Bolivia’s Fight for Dignity

The tens of thousands of Bolivians in the streets in October demanding the resignation of President (now ex-) Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada came from all walks of life and inclu...

Labor Warms to Dean

Even as the labor leaders who support him are redoubling efforts to secure the Democratic presidential nod for Dick Gephardt, it is becoming increasingly clear that the form...

Occupiers and the Law

An explosive legal obstacle, currently ignored, lurks beneath the surface of the Iraq war debate--international law likely to ensnare and possibly crumple the American conqu...

Bush’s Credibility Gap

In response to the news that coordinated suicide bombs in Baghdad had killed several dozen people and wounded 200, George W. Bush pointed to the attacks as a sign of success...

The Party of God

As the 2004 election draws nearer and George W. Bush's poll numbers grow shakier, White House operatives are devoting themselves to coddling the religious right.


There They Go Again

Why is it that "think pieces" about women and work and kids and marriage always leave one suspecting that the minute these corporate-lawyers-turned-stay-at-home-moms hang up...



Books & the Arts

Oy Gay!

Without baring flesh, exchanging fluids or even shedding blood, Will & Grace has become the craftiest, if not the most radical, show in the history of network tel...

About Begley

Louis Begley is perhaps currently best known as the author of About Schmidt, the novel from which the recent acclaimed film starring Jack Nicholson was adapted.

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