Dick Cheney: The Droner Speaks

Though even Bush no longer’s buying
The nine-eleven link (implying
Iraq’s involvement in that dying),
From Dick this tale gets amplifying.
It seems he got so used to lying
He just can’t stop. But is he trying?

Don Rumsfeld Meets the Press

With condescending smile, so tight,
He seems to take a great delight
Explaining to the press this fight,
As if they’re kids who aren’t too bright.
When wrong he needn’t be contrite:
Don’t might and arrogance make right?

Paul Wolfowitz at the Al Rasheed Hotel

He’s been this war’s great glorifier.
With Vietnam, he seemed much shyer:
He didn’t think that war’d require
Himself. No grunt, his goals were higher.
The situation’s getting dire:
A Sissy Hawk’s been under fire.

Colin Powell, Alas

His memory of war was strong.
No Sissy Hawk, he’d fought the Cong.
He knew that bunk on nukes was wrong.
But, still, he chose to go along.
Of him, they’ll sing the saddest song:
“But, still, he chose to go along.”