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November 11, 2002 Issue

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  • Books & the Arts

    Love, Sandler Style

    Although I'm mad for Paul Thomas Anderson's new picture, Punch-Drunk Love, I also suspect it's made me a little crazy.

    Stuart Klawans

  • Schröder’s Kulturkampf

    Coming as it did in the final weeks of a precarious re-election campaign, incumbent German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's resolute "No" to German participation in any US-led war on Iraq was

    Hugh Eakin

  • More Bitter Fruit

    Six years ago, in 1996, the government of Guatemala and the guerrilla groups it had fought bitterly for thirty-six years signed an ambitious set of peace accords.

    Peter Canby

  • Rockin’ in the Free World

    In a weapons producing nation under Jesus
    In the fabled crucible of the free world
    Camera crews search for clues amid the detritus
    And entertainment shapes the land

    Eric Alterman

  • Mr. Feiffer Regrets

    Cartoonist Jules Feiffer dropped a pinpoint protest on First Lady Laura Bush's National Book Festival on October 12 in Washington.

    Jules Feiffer
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