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May 5, 2008 Issue

Henry Siegman on tough love for Israel, Ari Berman on Pennsylvania’s Obamicans, Nathaniel Friedman on Mable John…

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Tough Love for Israel

Another Middle East peace conference? Statesmen instead should have the moral and political courage to end the massive hoax the peace process has become.

Nation Note

With this issue The Nation debuts a new feature: "Back Talk," Q&A's with literary, cultural and otherwise notable figures.


Frederika Randall on Berlusconi's return, John Nichols on fast-tracking Colombia, Jayati Vora on Patrick Cockburn's Muqtada, Christopher Hayes on the new Israel lobby.

Seeking Superdelegates

Online activists are shining much-needed light on superdelegates, revealing who they are and how they'll vote--and asking why we need them.

KBR’s Rape Problem

Three women contractors raped in Iraq testify before a Senate committee: why has the Justice Department failed to prosecute crimes like these?




Diverse opinions on the Fed, the New Deal...and more about our choice of words.


Rehabilitation, Resurrected

This year nearly 700,000 inmates in US prisons will be granted their freedom. And in a rare act of bipartisanship, a new law provides millions to rehabilitate them.

Books & the Arts

Her Good Thing

The versatile vocalist Mable John, now a novelist and minister, has come a long way since the 1960s soul era that made her (almost) famous.

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