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May 26, 2003 Issue


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  • Editorial

    In Fact…


    the Editors

  • Letter From Ground Zero

    In this space last week, I commented that the choice for the United States in North Korea was probably between a catastrophic war and permitting North Korea to keep its nuclear program and its

    Jonathan Schell

  • Katha Pollitt Honored

    Congratulations to Katha Pollitt, winner of the National Magazine Award in the Columns and Commentary category. Katha also won the 1992 award in Essays & Criticism.

    the Editors

  • SARS and Inequality

    Over the past few months, yet another epidemic has come to trouble our unhappy world. Shortly after SARS was identified, the entire globe was put on notice.

    Paul Farmer

  • McCarthy’s Secret Show

    Victor Navasky's Naming Names (Hill & Wang) was recently reissued in paperback with a new afterword.

    Victor Navasky

  • Dean’s No Wellstone

    Lately, presidential contender Howard Dean has been likening himself to the late Senator Paul Wellstone.

    Jim Farrell

  • Scandal on Scandal

    The best names in Wall Street, who besmirched themselves with double-dealing stock-market scandals, were finally "punished" recently, and the miscreants could not contain their glee.

    the Editors
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  • Books & the Arts

    Partisan Requiem

    The announcement a few weeks ago that Partisan Review was closing shop after a run of nearly seventy years brought sadness--since PR at its best was a central site of American cul

    Peter Brooks

  • The Revolution Within

    In the current national climate, the notion that Washington might learn from the experience of former Soviet leaders Nikita Khrushchev or Mikhail Gorbachev would strike most as ludicrous.

    Robert D. English

  • Dead Poets Society

    It is agonizingly difficult to write about one's hometown as it drowns in flames and suffocates with smoke.

    Sinan Antoon
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