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May 12, 2003 Issue

Wayne Smith discusses the crackdown in Cuba, Jonathan Schell examines the governors of Baghdad and Gabrielle Menezes writes from Zimbabwe.

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Letter From Ground Zero

In Baghdad this week, one Mohammed Mohsen Zubaidi, an Iraqi businessman with ties to the Iraqi National Congress, has shown up claiming to be the city's governor.

Crackdown in Cuba

The arrest and long-term imprisonment of dozens of dissidents in Cuba and the rapid execution of three men who had attempted to hijack a boat were deplorable.

The Public Is the Enemy

On March 22, a few hundred peaceful antiwar protesters in Seattle who had gathered around the Federal Building suddenly found themselves being swept down streets by officers...

Driving While Immigrant

Emboldened by the "success" of its preventive war in Iraq, the Bush Administration appears to be expanding its preventive law-enforcement strategy at home.


Are We Numb or Dumb?

Forget truth. That is the message from our government and its apologists in the media who insist that the Iraq invasion is a great success story even though it was based on a ...



Fear, Truth and SARS

By focusing only on the worst-case scenarios regarding the spread of SARS, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control are trying to control the popula...

Rumsfeld’s Untidy World

On April 11th--the day of the most widespread and uncontrolled looting in Iraq--Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld produced one of the more sour notes of the nascent postwar pe...

Militants at the Crossroads

When Ayatollah Abdel Majid al-Khoei was stabbed to death earlier this month by a mob in Shiite Islam's holiest mosque, the bloody event was widely described as a blow to the f...

Letter From Zimbabwe

The ravages of drought are evident to anyone traveling through Zimbabwe. The carcass of a dead donkey lies on the road, while skeletal dogs tear at its intestines.

Books & the Arts

The Revell Variations

How much, in just twenty years, Donald Revell has changed! From the Abandoned Cities (1983), his debut volume, included a villanelle, a sestina, rhymed sonnets and me...

Minority Report

Ever since Clark Kent first donned a pair of oversized glasses and, somewhat improbably, hid his Superman persona from Lois Lane, questions of identity have been a staple of...

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