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May 10, 2010 Issue


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  • Editorial

    Loose Tea

    Does the kaleidoscope of Tea Party kookiness add up to anything?

    Richard Kim

  • Noted.

    Maria Margaronis on a Nation intern's making good; Erin Schumaker on non-criminal deportations at ICE.

    the Editors

  • Breaking the Banks

    Can Senate reformers stiffen President Obama's spine in the fight for financial regulatory overhaul?

    William Greider
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  • Books & the Arts

    The Improbability Pump

    Why has natural selection always been the most contested part of evolutionary theory?

    Jerry A. Coyne

  • Shelf Life

    The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater; Terese Svoboda's Weapons Grade; Bob Hicok's Words for Empty and Words for Full.

    Jordan Davis

  • Icons of Oblivion

    Two new books explore the role of naturalists in the history of conservation movements.

    Ari Kelman

  • The Hebrew Republic

    Ongoing conflict in the Middle East continually reinforces tribalism, religiosity and messianic Zionism.

    Kai Bird
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