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March 27, 2006 Issue

Cover art by: Cover art by Brian Stauffer, cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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  • Features

    The Bolton Archipelago

    John Bolton's grandstanding vote today opposing the establishment of a UN Human Rights Council might please hard-core isolationists. But no one else.

    Ian Williams

  • Bloggers Join Fray on Political Ads

    As the House considers two bills to regulate political speech on the Internet, the liberal Daily Kos and conservative Red State blogs are bedfellows, supporting a flawed GOP-sponsored bill that opens the door for soft money to buy political ads online.

    Celia Viggo Wexler

  • Lap Dogs of the Press

    During the run-up to the Iraq War, the nation's leading print and broadcast media could have saved lives if they questioned the Administration's pronouncements. Instead, they were an echo chamber for the White House.

    Helen Thomas

  • Typecast as a Terrorist

    The detainment of two actors from The Road to Guantánamo reveals a legal apparatus that is no longer able to distinguish between real and invented threats.

    Adam Federman

  • Can You Say ‘Permanent Bases’?

    Despite recent press visits, the building of bases in Iraq has not come under much scrutiny. If Congress and opposition Democrats continue to ignore the issue, there will be no withdrawal from Iraq.

    Tom Engelhardt

  • The Democrats: Still Ducking

    Eight months ahead of the 2006 midterm vote, Democrats are either ignoring Iraq or supporting the war while criticizing Bush's prosecution of it. But it's not too late to mount a strong opposition.

    Ari Berman

  • Afghanistan: The Other War

    Despite Bush's feel-good rhetoric, the United States has done little to help Afghanistan, leaving the impression of abandonment. Meanwhile, European troops work hard to build bridges to the locals.

    Christian Parenti

  • War Is Personal: Tomas Young/Age 26/Kansas City, Missouri

    In the first installment of a new series called Photo Nation, a young soldier from Missouri recounts the ambush of his unit in Iraq.

    Eugene Richards

  • Editorials

    Three Years and Counting

    The American public acknowledges the failure of US ground forces in Iraq. With civil war imminent, when will our "leaders" in Washington accept the same conclusion?

    the Editors

  • A Peculiar Politician

    Senator Russell Feingold should be praised for calling on the Senate to censure the President for breaking the law and lying about his domestic spying program. Instead, he's mocked by the media and abandoned by many of his own party.

    William Greider

  • Leaking Bubble

    The US housing market has been responsible for about half the economy's recent growth, but increasing dependence on home-equity credit could create a financial disaster.

    Doug Henwood

  • Helping China’s Censors

    The Global Online Freedom Act should be the beginning of a conversation about what needs to be done to prevent US Internet and technology firms from contradicting American values.

    Rebecca MacKinnon

  • A Dragon Slayer Returns

    Pete McCloskey, the first Republican member of Congress to call for Nixon's impeachment and withdrawal from Vietnam, has resurfaced at 78 to challenge Richard Pombo and the Iraq War.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • Bringing the War Home

    The antiwar messages most likely to be heard and acted upon by Congressional Democrats and wavering Republicans will come from their hometowns, where a growing number of activists are organizing with an eye toward communicating to Congress.

    John Nichols

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  • Books and the Arts

    Typecast as a Terrorist

    The detainment of two actors from The Road to Guantánamo reveals a legal apparatus that is no longer able to distinguish between real and invented threats.

    Adam Federman

  • Consuming Desires

    Thank You for Smoking praises the professional hucksters of the cigarette companies, and Duck Season is a road movie in which the scenery doesn't change.

    Stuart Klawans

  • Unborn in the USA

    In his captivating new book Absolute Convictions, Eyal Press explores the links between his hometown's post-Vietnam decline and its emergence as a battlefield in the national crusade against abortion.

    Mark Sorkin

  • The Dream Life

    In The Power of Movies, Colin McGinn asserts that films are the medium best suited to imitate the workings of the dreaming mind.

    Gilberto Perez

  • The Great Black Hope

    Taylor Branch concludes his staggering trilogy of the civil rights era with At Canaan's Edge, a relentlessly detailed narrative of Martin Luther King's desperate struggle to save the movement.

    Gerald Early

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