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March 10, 2008 Issue

Cover art by: Cover design and photo illustration by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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  • Editorials

    When Newspapers Take a Stand

    The New York Times editorial page endorses McCain, while its news department works to discredit him. And there's nothing wrong with that.

    Ari Melber

  • Surprising Outcomes in Pakistan

    In an election replete with surprises, the people of Pakistan have chosen wisely. Now it is up to the elected parties to rule wisely.

    Moni Mohsin

  • Art and Propaganda

    Using fear and the classic tools of persuasion, the Bush Administration has subverted American mythology and our national character.

    Milton Glaser

  • A Meeting of Minds

    Thursday's debate revealed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as solid progressives in sync with the broad base of the Democratic Party.

    Tom Hayden

  • Leveraging the Power of Race and Gender

    Electing the first black or female President is not the issue. It's how Clinton and Obama would use their unique gifts to heal a troubled world.

    Kavita Nandini Ramdas

  • Bhutto’s Tangled Legacy

    Will the PPP revive her power-sharing deal with Musharraf or join with Nawaz Sharif to re-establish constitutional rule?

    Graham Usher

  • Noted.

    Polk Award winners at The Nation, progressive endorsements and buyouts at GM.

    the Editors

  • Wiretapped Out

    The House stalemate with the White House over electronic surveillance creates a rare moment to reconsider an array of unconstitutional post-9/11 laws.

    the Editors

  • Rigged Trials at Gitmo

    Has the Pentagon foreclosed the possibility of acquittals for terror suspects?

    Ross Tuttle

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