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March 10, 2003 Issue

  • Books and the Arts

    Confronting Empire

    So how do we resist "Empire"? The good news is that we're not doing too badly. There have been major victories. Here in Latin America you have had so many--in Bolivia, you have Cochabamba.

    Arundhati Roy

  • What’s a Neoliberal to Do?

    In the 1960s it seemed as if the Third World was in flames, fueled by anti-imperialist struggles from Cuba to Vietnam, Bolivia to Algeria.

    Greg Grandin

  • Apartheid: The Musical

    If you've never watched Nelson Mandela dance, then you should know that he does a modified Locomotion, pumping his elbows like pistons to the immense, loving amusement of his people.

    Stuart Klawans

  • Poets Against the War

    Here The Nation presents a few of the works posted on "Poets Against the War," (, the website set up by Sam Hamill, poet and editor, when he called for poems and statements against war in Iraq.

    Alfred Corn, Sam Hamill, W.S. Merwin, Maxine Kumin and Rita Dove

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