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June 3, 2002 Issue

David Cole, Robert Dreyfuss, Amy Bach and Eve Pell on the threat to civil liberties. Plus Gene Santoro on The Band.

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Letter From Santiago

I arrived here in Chile May 8 as a material witness in a criminal complaint against former dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet for the murder of an American friend just days after t...

Mr. Carter Goes to Cuba

"I have concluded that we should attempt to achieve normalization of our relations with Cuba," Jimmy Carter proclaimed in a secret Presidential Directive shortly after taking o...

A Dangerous Treaty

The Nation has warned repeatedly that the Bush Administration was threatening to undermine perhaps the best chance in a generation for a cooperative relationship with Ru...

Power Politics at Yale

As a Russian studies major at Yale in the 1970s, I observed Soviet "elections" that were conducted more fairly than the 2002 Yale Corporation's board of trustees election. Why ...

Pass ENDA Now!

Twenty-seven years ago, Bella Abzug introduced the first comprehensive gay civil rights bill in the history of the Congress.


Racial Prescriptions

A recent front-page story in the Boston Globe proclaimed that New England leads the nation in Ritalin prescription levels. Somewhat to my surprise, the prevalence of ...

Journeys With Fecklessness

The essential mystery of the 2000 election has always been this: How in the world did George W. Bush ever get close enough to invite the Republican-appointed majority on the...



Letter From Italy

From Padua's Piazza Insurrezione, where I was standing at 11 in the morning on April 16, the general strike--Italy's first in twenty years--looked and sounded like a ...

Vigilante Justice

On Friday, September 15, four days after the terrorist attacks, an 18-year-old Moroccan boy received an unusual request from his school guidance counselor: Come see me as soon ...

Books & the Arts

The Band’s Long Waltz

When I first saw The Last Waltz in 1978, I almost walked out, although I was a fan of both director Martin Scorsese and The Band. I admit I was one of the folks whose tick...


As if to move a flexible sphere from here
to there with unassisted head and foot
were natural and obvious. As if
a dance could always bow to resolute

Only the Dead Know Brooklyn

For more than a century, a recognizable pattern existed among those migrating to New York City: They came first either through Ellis Island or up from the American South, an...

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