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February 5, 2001 Issue


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  • Editorial

    The Reel Drug War

    Steven Soderbergh's Traffic—for all its flaws—illustrates how the United States' is deluding itself in its crusade against drugs.

    Michael Massing

  • Southern Comfort

    The likely Bush cabinet will have some who have shown sympathy for the Southern Confederacy—a disturbing trend in the late twentieth century.

    Eric Foner

  • The ‘Tiananmen Papers’

    Files leaked from China show that country's leadership to have conspired against their own people during the Tiananmen protests—but are the documents genuine?

    Edward Jay Epstein

  • Pomp and Shame

    The ascendency of George W. Bush to the presidency exposes stark dissatisfaction in the United States.

    the Editors

  • Hailing the Thief

    In the wake of the controversial Supreme Court decision that put him in office, George W. Bush's inauguration was filled with protests.

    Ben Ehrenreich
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