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February 24, 2003 Issue

Robert Borosage deconstructs Bush’s budget, D.D. Guttenplan writes of the birth pangs of anti-imperialism in Europe, and much more.

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Columbia Down

Like the perennial quest for a "Star Wars" antimissile system, the space shuttle has never been an entirely rational program.

Resist War and Empire

With up to 200,000 American and British combat troops already stationed in or on their way to the Persian Gulf area, war with Iraq looks increasingly imminent.

In Dubya’s Battle

Although the Bush Administration acts as if the war train has already left the station, the antiwar forces continue to grow, and they are mobilizing in large numbers for a w...




Left Coast Notes

After nearly two years' absence from politics, Southern California's most popular progressive politician, Antonio Villaraigosa, is back on the stump.

Lobbying for Peace

All social movements need an "outside" strategy and an "inside" strategy. The growing number of people participating in rallies and marches in opposition to President George...

As Not Seen on TV

The debate over the dangers of media monopoly got a lot less theoretical in the last week of January, when Comcast, the nation's No.

Books & the Arts

Global Visions

Since few of us at The Nation speak Thai, I'm going to refer to my favorite filmmaker of the month as Joe, which is the name actually used in this country by Apichatp...

Street-Dancing Man

In classical dance, the art of imbalance--the pirouette, the jeté or the mere ethereal, alighted walk that alone makes audiences feel they are getting their money's w...

The New Product Placement

Last fall, a half-dozen child psychologists lurked around New York's Yale Club at a convention called "Advertising & Promoting to Kids" in search of new, higher-paying c...

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