David Enrich

David Enrich is a reporter in Washington, DC. He was a summer 2000 Nation intern,

Dishing up Christianity Dishing up Christianity

In 1992 Congress passed a law designed to increase the diversity of television programming and to amplify traditionally underrepresented voices.

Feb 6, 2003 / Feature / David Enrich

High-Tech Cheap Labor High-Tech Cheap Labor

Only months after a major victory on China trade, Big Business is again scavenging for cheap labor. This time, the high-tech industry is pressuring Congress to allow additional f...

Sep 28, 2000 / Editorial / David Enrich

Paying to Party Paying to Party

It's no secret that the national conventions are no longer dramatic arenas in which the parties decide their presidential nominees or, for that matter, anything else of much impo...

Jul 27, 2000 / Feature / David Enrich