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February 21, 2005 Issue

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  • Books & the Arts

    My Life as a Man

    I’ve heard Argentines say that Buenos Aires is more densely populated by psychoanalysts than anyplace else in the world.

    Stuart Klawans

  • A Buddha for the Blue States

    Scholars of the New Testament speculate that the Gospel of Mark was the first of the canonical Gospels to be composed, sometime between 68 and 73 CE, or thirty-five to forty years after the Cruci

    Donald S. Lopez Jr.

  • In Cold Blood

    Daphne Eviatar has written on Africa for the New York Times Magazine and the Boston Globe, among other publications. She last wrote for The Nation on Angola.

    Daphne Eviatar

  • Uneasy Rider

    It’s not often that a new style appears in American prose, but this is what happened with John Haskell’s first book, a collection of short stories called I am not Jackson Pollock.

    Benjamin Kunkel

  • Our Godless Constitution

    The faith of our Founding Fathers definitely wasn’t Christianity.

    Brooke Allen

  • Cartoon Wars

    Once upon a time, a psychiatrist named Fredric Wertham went on a tear over Wonder Woman.

    Richard Goldstein
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