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February 16, 2004 Issue

Lutz Kleveman details the new "Great Game," Praful Bidwai hails the World Social Forum and Stuart Klawans reviews "Blind Shaf…

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India Hosts the World

To the beat of drums by India's Dalits (former Untouchables) and Adivasis (forest-dwelling tribes) celebrating indigenous popular movements that refuse to be subdued, th...

Accountability on WMDs

As an MSNBC analyst before the war, former United Nations weapons inspector David Kay often seemed more like a cheerleader for the Bush Administration's Iraq policy than h...




Books & the Arts

What Are They Reading?

For a man ostensibly telling us what narcissism means to him, Tony Hoagland sure lets his friends do a lot of the talking. But maybe that's the point. In other people, he sees...

Our Man in Chile

When Chilean President Salvador Allende was overthrown in a bloody coup on September 11, 1973, the Nixon Administration declared its support for the "preservation of Chi...

Willi the Red

"This act of incendiarism is the most monstrous act of terrorism so far carried out," reported a 1933 Berlin newspaper.

Europa, Europa

Considered as a subset of the road movie, the post-Holocaust, return-to-Poland documentary has been a dismayingly static genre. Most of these films are journeys in only the ph...

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