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February 10, 2003 Issue

Lani Guinier decries the quota smokescreen, Noy Thrupkaew urges support for reform in Iran and Eric Alterman looks for anti-Americanism in E…

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Reformers at Bay in Iran

In Iran, the name Abbas Abdi is inextricably linked with the word "reform." Although he's now a key ally of President Mohammad Khatami and an advocate of opening a dialogue ...

Rising Opposition to War

At a press conference on January 20, only two days after thousands of Americans marched in cities and towns across the nation to oppose going to war with Iraq, Defense Secre...


The Smiths Go to Washington

My friend Ruth Rosen, who writes a terrific column for the San Francisco Chronicle, advised her readers to go to the antiwar marches organized by International ANSWER...



Letter From Porto Alegre

Early tomorrow morning, organizers of this, the third annual World Social Forum, will formally close out the weeklong event to report their conclusions to the hundreds of i...

Letter From Porto Alegre

The highpoint of this year's World Social Forum was reached earlier this evening when newly elected Brazilian president Luiz Ignacio "Lula" Da Silva showed up to address a...

Letter From Porto Alegre

Just hours after the third annual World Social Forum was officially inaugurated this afternoon, ten of thousands of delegates, visitors and local residents are gathering f...

Books & the Arts

The Eastern Front

If Elia Suleiman's face were a cartoon, then the single short, white brush stroke dabbed into his black hair would perhaps be the beginning of a thought balloon, perpetually...

Forced to Bowl Alone?

Being a citizen in America today feels a bit like being the student at the bottom of the class. We are continually reminded of how we are falling down on the job. Not enough...

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