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December 19, 2005 Issue

Heather Rogers examines the hidden threat to climate change posed by greenhouse-gas generating landfills, Jeremy Scahill probes the motives…

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The War on Al Jazeera

A top-secret memo detailing George W. Bush's proposal to bomb Al Jazeera is not "outlandish," as the White House claims. The Bush Administration had been threatening, insulting a...

The Abramoff Effect

The controversy surrounding conservative lobbyist Jack Abramoff is creating headaches for red-state and swing-state Republicans and opportunities for Democrats to turn a national ...

Anatomy of a Victory

George W. Bush's plan to privatize Social Security is dead, thanks to a remarkable mobilization by progressive groups. Much can be learned from the way The Campaign for America's F...


Democracy for Sale

A trove of new documents detailing the corruption and influence-peddling by Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed and Tom DeLay is sweeping the high-minded prophets of the Republican revolutio...

Killing the Messenger

It's one thing for our State Department to plant phony stories in the media or jam broadcasts in Cuba. It's quite another for conservative policy analyst Frank Gaffney bolster's Ge...



The Silencing of Carlos Delgado

The New York Mets' squelching of first baseman Carlos Delgado's longstanding protest of the war in Iraq during the seventh-inning stretch speaks volumes about how the rules of the ...

The Iraq Index

The tragedy that is Iraq can never be told in numbers alone, but the hard facts--every loss, every life, every dollar--only strengthen the arguments against this brutal war.

Overcoming Apartheid

Apartheid education is alive in America and rapidly increasing in hyper-segregated inner-city schools. And though it's now fashionable for policy-makers to declare integration a fa...

Titans of Trash

Gas-guzzling SUVs take a lot of blame, but landfills make stealthy stealthy contributions to climate change. While they should be developing innovative waste disposal strategies, c...

Books & the Arts

Studs Terkel on Music

Still going strong at 93, Studs Terkel has produced yet another oral history, And They All Sang: Adventures of an Eclectic Disc Jockey.

Nancy Has Two Mommies

Nancy Drew has been a fixture in young girls' lives since 1930. But the continuing appeal of this spunky American icon--never sad, wrinkled or misunderstood--is both heartwarming a...

Letter of the Law

America's Constitution: A Biography examines America's obsession with the Constitution--its origins, evolution and interpretation.

The Chosen People

The Jewish Century defies the conventional view of Jews as outsiders and traces their symbiotic relationship with Christians. A History of the Jews in the Modern World

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