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December 16, 2002 Issue


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  • Editorial

    Mumia’s Appeal

    Mumia's Appeal After decades of legal and political maneuvering, the twenty-year-old death-penalty case of black journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal is entering a critical stage.

    Dave Lindorff

  • Hunger USA

    Tony Hall, just before leaving Congress in September, sat in his office in Longworth House Office Building and thought of something that had stuck with him since a trip to Appalachia.

    David Sarasohn

  • Quiet in Hollywood

    The Quiet American, which recently opened for a two-week run in a couple of theaters in New York and Los Angeles, illustrates just how far Hollywood self-censorship has gone in the year

    Jon Wiener

  • The Grubman

    The financial scandals continue to produce more outrageous revelations, but lately they come with lurid personal details more appropriate to bottom-dwelling tabloids than the Wall Street Jou

    William Greider

  • Containing Saddam

    Critics of America's plans to oust Saddam Hussein militarily have mounted powerful arguments, but not one has articulated a coherent nonmilitary strategy to bring about the demise of the monstr

    Andrew Mack

  • What Price Security?

    Now, here's what the deal's supposed to be: In exchange for greater security you give up certain rights.

    the Editors
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