Cover of August 7, 2000 Issue


The Beat

UNWELCOMING THE REPUBLICANS "It's surprising that the Republicans are coming to Philadelphia, really surprising.


GOP Ticket Has Struck Oil

Have you ever wondered who really benefited from the Gulf War, which will be celebrated this week at the Republican National Convention as the crowning, if singular, achieveme...


Paying to Party

It's no secret that the national conventions are no longer dramatic arenas in which the parties decide their presidential nominees or, for that matter, anything else of much i...

Hard Right Burning for Bush?

Perhaps it was because he was recovering from painful back surgery, but a few weeks before the Republican convention, Paul Weyrich, a founder of the religious right, was awful...

Books & the Arts

‘Manifest Duplicity’

Some Sundays back, the New York Times fronted a story from its Paris correspondent, Suzanne Daley, about the fear and loathing Americans induce among Europeans these ...

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