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August 30, 2004 Issue

Joel Rogers says let’s take back the states, Eric Alterman laments PBS’s conservative drift and Christian Parenti details the re…

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Nation Notes

Sidney Morgenbesser, the philosopher's philosopher, died on August 1. Sidney was one of a kind.

Sex, Lies and Politics

Throwing a bone to its sex-obsessed religious base, the GOP has slipped an abstinence activist into its convention mix of mostly moderate speakers.

Press Watch

A silver lining amid the dismal outpouring of news from Iraq has been the unbroken parade of conservative (and liberal hawk) commentators who now admit--with mea culpas, half-...




Global Fights Go Local

Missouri Governor Bob Holden learned how volatile globalization issues have become when his Democratic primary challenger, Claire McCaskill, started banging away on him for of...

Books & the Arts

Bad Brains

More than once in Jonathan Demme's reimagining of The Manchurian Candidate, a distraught Denzel Washington jabs at his skull and rasps, "They got in here." He means it ...

The Middle Man

Over the century that followed the Napoleonic wars, the Ottoman Empire contracted and eventually disappeared from the map.

The Lost Steps

American policy-makers may be divided into two schools of thought on the Arab-Israeli conflict: the evenhanded and the Israel-first.

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