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August 3, 2009 Issue

Jonathan Schell on Robert McNamara, Madison Smartt Bell on Haiti, Calvin Trillin on John Ensign’s infidelity…

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Bend It Like Obama?

The future of progressive politics and the nature of the American social contract, not to mention the lives and health of millions of our fellow citizens, are up for grabs.

No More Excuses, Mr. President

President Obama brought the house down at the NAACP centennial celebration with yet another stirring speech on race. But if his deeds don't begin to match his words, he's going to ...


GOOD MEDICINE: "When you're face to face with a patient, you can't worry about the fact that they can't pay," says Dr.

The G-8 Abdicates

To prevent catastrophic climate change, wealthy nations must pony up on emissions cuts and subsidies to the developing world.


Deep-Sixing the F-22

The news that Congress might terminate production of topline fighter jets comes as a considerable victory for President Obama and Defense Secretary Gates.



Waiting for Zelaya

Honduras's deposed president, Manuel Zelaya, camps out at the border while the military detains hundreds of protesters. Meanwhile, in an echo of the cold war, several political act...

A Seat on the Bus?

Mass transit fares are going up and services are being cut. Meanwhile, federal stimulus money favors new projects over maintaining existing systems.

Free Gaza–and Palestine

Last month the Israeli Navy seized a boat attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to blockaded Gaza and arrested its passengers, and received little international criticism.

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