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August 21, 2000 Issue


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  • Editorial

    Tricky Dick

    When Dubya picked Dick Cheney as his running mate, the little screen was awash in flatulent flatteries from the chattering classes: "a grown-up," "presidential," "all steak and no sizzle" were

    Doug Ireland

  • The Beat

    CENTERING GORE "They chose to close ranks instead of opening up dialogue," California State Senator Tom Hayden said after the Democratic Platform Comm

    John Nichols

  • California Scheming

    Democrats gather in Los Angeles facing large questions not just about their success in November but also about the direction of their party. George W.

    the Editors

  • Gore’s Surrender

    Less than a hour after George Bush concluded his party's have-a-nice-election convention with a vapid but beyond-the-expectations acceptance speech, a source deep within the Gore camp called me

    David Corn

  • Paul Newman:In His Own Words

    Paul Newman refers all letters relative to this article to Toys "R" Us.

    Paul Newman
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  • Column

    Your Show of Shows

    A part of me recoils at the thought of adding even a syllable to the ocean of pontifical sludge emanating from the Republican confab in Philadelphia, so mind-numbingly inane and diligently dece

    Eric Alterman