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August 16/23, 2010 Issue

Cover art by: Cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels


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  • Editorial

    Getting Out of Afghanistan

    WikiLeaks' release of 92,000 classified military documents reveals that the war in Afghanistan is in even worse shape than we suspected.

    the Editors

  • Noted.

    Katrina vanden Heuvel on the passing of Iris Dornfeld McWilliams; Rajeshree Sisodia on new accountability for energy firms.

    the Editors

  • Race, Lies and Videotape

    The Shirley Sherrod saga reveals just how entrenched the myth of reverse racism is.

    Richard Kim

  • Colorado’s Choice

    Populist challenger Andrew Romanoff would ordinarily be expected to win Colorado's US Senate Democratic primary. But incumbent Michael Bennet is backed by an overflowing campaign war chest—and an endorsement by Barack Obama.

    John Nichols
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