Robin Templeton

Robin Templeton, a writer based in Brooklyn, New York, is a PhD candidate in the CUNY Graduate Center’s department of sociology.

Baby Baiting

Baby Baiting Baby Baiting

Senator Lindsey Graham is the latest to join the assault on birthright citizenship, announcing that he may introduce a constitutional amendment banning automatic citizenship to the...

Jul 29, 2010 / Feature / Robin Templeton

Locked Up in New Orleans Locked Up in New Orleans

In response to a crime wave, police are imprisoning a record number of nonviolent offenders.

Aug 23, 2007 / Feature / Robin Templeton

California Youth Take Initiative California Youth Take Initiative

Four hundred teenagers converged outside the four-star Hilton hotel in San Francisco, then pushed inside the plush lobby with whoops and chants.

Feb 23, 2000 / Feature / Robin Templeton