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April 10, 2000 Issue


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  • Feature

    Shopping Till We Drop

    During the past two decades, as random financial crises visited various fast-growing economies, we have become familiar, after the fact, with the profile of a developing country that's headed for

    William Greider

  • Editorial

    LAPD: Law and Disorder

    Can you top this? seems to be the theme of the escalating police scandal in Los Angeles.

    Tom Hayden

  • Kosovo Revisited

    During my recent visit to Kosovo two strong impressions emerged. The first is that the curse of Serbian oppression has been definitively lifted from the majority-Albanian population.

    Richard Falk
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  • Books & the Arts

  • The ‘Casanova of Causes’

    To her biographer, Simone de Beauvoir confided a less than rhapsodic one-night stand, in 1946, with the Hungarian malcontent Arthur Koestler: "One night I got so drunk I let him come home with me

    John Leonard
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