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  • October 12, 2006

    Taliban Rising

    If the corruption of Karzai's government is Afghanistan's new cancer, then the Taliban are increasingly seen as chemotherapy: an unpleasant but necessary remedy.

    Christian Parenti

  • October 2, 2006

    The Culture of Leaks

    The political culture of Washington is fueled by gossip, intrigue and leaks. It was a combination that turned toxic in the Valerie Plame Affair.

    David Corn

  • September 21, 2006

    A Just Response

    The most effective response to terrorism involves nonmilitary actions in cooperation with the global community and within a framework of domestic and international law.

    Katrina vanden Heuvel

  • September 2, 2006

    Too Late for Empire

    Thirty years after Watergate, we again face a constitutional crisis at home and a misconceived war abroad. The United States will remain a helpless giant until we finally learn that power in the nuclear, postimperial age is diplomatic, not military.

    Jonathan Schell

  • August 28, 2006

    Puerto Rico, On Drugs

    Ricardo Mendez Matta and Poli Marichal answer questions about their new film, Ladrones y Mentirosos (Thieves and Liars), which takes a hard look at the price Puerto Ricans are paying for the drug trade.

    Alberto Morales

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  • August 21, 2006

    Israel’s Dangerous War in Lebanon

    Eric Alterman appears on Larry King Live August 1, 2006 to explain why US Jews should oppose Israel's war against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    Press Room

  • July 10, 2006

    The New American Cold War

    The cold war never really ended: Russia's continuing instability and weapons of mass destruction, combined with Washington's triumphalist foreign policies and US/NATO military buildup, are creating an even more dangerous situation.

    Stephen F. Cohen

  • June 26, 2006

    Lieutenant Watada’s War Against the War

    In a remarkable, media-savvy protest, First Lieut. Ehren Watada has refused orders to go to Iraq, claiming the war and the occupation violate the Constitution, international law and Army regulations.

    Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith

  • June 21, 2006

    When Soldiers Shoot a War

    The War Tapes, a documentary shot by US soldiers and sanctioned by the military, may turn out to be the most powerful statement against the war to date.

    Kevin McCarthy

  • June 15, 2006

    Something to Believe In

    What does it take to motivate young people to meaningful political action? This VideoNation report looks at how three protests drew three very different constituencies.

    Sam Graham-Felsen