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System Check

Lights are blinking. Alarms are blaring. The dashboard of our democracy is warning us that it is time to check our systems. On System Check, the latest podcast from The Nation, hosts Melissa Harris-Perry and Dorian Warren turn down the frenzy and tune into some remarkable folk with the wit and wisdom to diagnose what ails us. Dorian and Melissa talk with leaders you already know and changemakers you need to know. Together they analyze, historicize, laugh, and listen in search of tools to repair harmful systems while imagining and building new ways of being. From the movement for Black lives to the fight for climate justice, from the unjust immigration regime to the unfinished voting rights struggle, Dorian and Melissa, want to know how you are living in, working around, smashing through, or re-creating the systems that shape your life. Times are scary but you are not alone: System Check premieres on October 30, just in time to make sense of the high-stakes 2020 election. Subscribe to System Check on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts for new episodes every Friday. To support all of our podcasts, subscribe to The Nation or donate today.