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Trudy Lieberman is a contributing editor to the Columbia Journalism Review (, where she blogs.

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Oct 11, 2006 / Letters / Trudy Lieberman, Our Readers, and Max Blumenthal

No Rx in Massachusetts No Rx in Massachusetts

If it becomes a national model, a new, highly touted health insurance law in Massachusetts would make American healthcare, already on life support, take a turn for the worse.

Aug 31, 2006 / Editorial / Trudy Lieberman

Letters Letters


Feb 16, 2006 / Letters / Trudy Lieberman, Daphne Eviatar, Our Readers, and Heather Rogers

Part D From Outer Space Part D From Outer Space

The Bush Administration's ill-advised new prescription drug program could destroy Medicare as a benefit for all Americans.

Jan 11, 2006 / Feature / Trudy Lieberman

Mismanaged Care Mismanaged Care

Tennessee once had a visionary health care plan for that left only 14 percent of residents uninsured. But with federal cuts and a governor's misguided attempt to privatize Medicaid...

Nov 22, 2005 / Feature / Trudy Lieberman

Let Them Eat Cake Let Them Eat Cake

The Bush budget cuts programs for the hungry.

Apr 21, 2005 / Editorial / Trudy Lieberman

Poor Plans for Healthcare Poor Plans for Healthcare

As neither candidate seems to be aware, healthcare is increasingly available only to those who can pay.

Oct 21, 2004 / Feature / Trudy Lieberman

Dealing the Drug Cards Dealing the Drug Cards

This article represents Trudy Lieberman's personal views, not those of Consumers Union.

Jun 3, 2004 / Editorial / Trudy Lieberman

Killing Medicare Killing Medicare

The Medicare "reform" legislation just passed by Congress sends the program on a path to destruction.

Nov 26, 2003 / Editorial / Trudy Lieberman

The Young and the Old The Young and the Old

On a frigid morning in Washington, DC, two boys about 13 or 14 come to the driveway of the Ambassador Baptist Church, where the day's meager food offerings are displayed.

Jul 31, 2003 / Feature / Trudy Lieberman