Roane Carey

Managing Editor

Roane Carey, former senior editor at The Nation, is the editor of The New Intifada (Verso) and, with Jonathan Shainin, The Other Israel: Voices of Refusal and Dissent (New Press).

Israel Plays With Fire Israel Plays With Fire

At 5:20 on the morning of March 22, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Palestinian Hamas, was leaving a mosque in the Gaza Strip when he was killed in an Israeli helicop...

Mar 25, 2004 / Editorial / Adam Shatz and Roane Carey

The Road Map to Nowhere The Road Map to Nowhere

Although the laboriously negotiated and long-delayed Middle East "road map" received a diplomatic boost by the recent intervention of George W. Bush, the plan is replet...

Jul 2, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Roane Carey

Bumps in the Road Map Bumps in the Road Map

The Bush Administration's carefully stage-managed June 4 Aqaba summit could not hide the serious structural impediments to a resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Jun 12, 2003 / Editorial / Roane Carey

The Other Israel The Other Israel

When the new intifada erupted, the mainstream Israeli peace movement was deeply shaken.

Jan 16, 2003 / Feature / Roane Carey

Marking a Massacre Marking a Massacre

A recent anniversary passed by without receiving much notice in the mainstream media.

Sep 26, 2002 / Feature / Roane Carey

What Are They Reading? What Are They Reading?

Roane Carey has edited two collections of writings on the Middle East: The New Intifada (Verso, 2001) and The Other Israel (The New Press, 2002).

Jul 25, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Roane Carey

Letters Letters

TERRORI$T CA$H--$TAY$ CLEAN St. Clairsville, Ohio Lucy Komisar's June 18 "After Dirty Air, Dirty Money," on money-laundering [posted on the Nation web...

Oct 18, 2001 / Letters / Roane Carey and Our Readers

Letter From Palestine Letter From Palestine

The mood in the occupied territories is one of growing rage and despair.

Jul 12, 2001 / Feature / Roane Carey

Letter From Palestine Letter From Palestine

I'm sitting in a drab back room in the Gaza Strip's Deir al Bala refugee camp, discussing the latest stage of the Israel-Palestine conflict with a half-dozen or so young Palestini...

Jun 28, 2001 / Feature / Roane Carey

The Pinochet Principle The Pinochet Principle

The arrest of Augusto Pinochet in England more than a year ago stunned the world and emboldened those seeking to bring dictators and war criminals to justice.

Feb 3, 2000 / Feature / Roane Carey