Matt Bivens

Matt Bivens is an emergency medicine physician practicing in Massachusetts and a national board member of Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Enron’s Washington Enron’s Washington

It was a mistake--and a beaut--in Matt Bivens's piece "The Enron Box" where he confused the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers. It is hereby duly acknowledged and regretted. Bu...

Jan 24, 2002 / Feature / Matt Bivens

The Not-So-Pristine Wilderness The Not-So-Pristine Wilderness

The Department of Energy has hit upon a new idea for nuclear waste clean-up: just leave it there and declare the area a wildlife preserve. The animals won't complain.

Dec 20, 2001 / Editorial / Matt Bivens

Bush’s Nuclear Brinksmanship Bush’s Nuclear Brinksmanship

President Bush meets with Russian leader Putin, al the while ICBMs target Russia.

Dec 12, 2001 / Feature / Matt Bivens

Who Pays for Nuclear Power? Who Pays for Nuclear Power?

The Price Anderson Act has discouraged the development of safer, less costly sources of energy than nuclear power. Join your voice to those calling for Congress to not renew its ...

Nov 30, 2001 / Editorial / Matt Bivens

The Afghan Humanitarian Crisis The Afghan Humanitarian Crisis

There is mass hunger and need in Afghanistan, and the UN is under great pressure to get supplies through.

Nov 16, 2001 / Feature / Matt Bivens

Just Shut Them Down? Just Shut Them Down?

Readers respond to Matt Bivens's "Nuclear Power & Terrorism."

Nov 8, 2001 / Letters / Matt Bivens, Ray Yang, Brian O’Connell, Lefteri H. Tsoukalas, Kenneth Pitser, Alex Drinkwater Jr., Nadine LaVonne, Joey Marquart, and Warren Hoskins

Uzbekistan’s Human Rights Problem Uzbekistan’s Human Rights Problem

TASHKENT--In the markets, on the streets, even in the privacy of their homes or cars, the people of Uzbekistan are sphinxlike. They think things are going...well, as best as could...

Oct 30, 2001 / Feature / Matt Bivens

Nuclear Power & Terrorism Nuclear Power & Terrorism

See also "Nuclear Safety" by Matt Bivens.

Oct 24, 2001 / Feature / Matt Bivens

Nuclear Safety Nuclear Safety

US nuclear facilities could be targets of the next terrorist attacks.

Sep 16, 2001 / Feature / Matt Bivens

Give Peace a Chance Give Peace a Chance

Dennis Kucinich's House bill presents us with a genuinely new idea.

Aug 16, 2001 / Feature / Matt Bivens