Doug Ireland

Doug Ireland, a longtime Nation contributor who lived in France for a
decade, can be reached through his blog, Direland.

Gay-Bashing at the Polls Gay-Bashing at the Polls

In their hunger to take back the White House, the Jerry Falwells and the Pat Robertsons have swallowed the mellow prose of Texas scripted for them by George W.'s handlers--but at...

Oct 12, 2000 / Editorial / Doug Ireland

Tricky Dick Tricky Dick

When Dubya picked Dick Cheney as his running mate, the little screen was awash in flatulent flatteries from the chattering classes: "a grown-up," "presidential," "all steak and...

Aug 10, 2000 / Editorial / Doug Ireland

Search and Destroy Search and Destroy

Gay-Baiting in the Military Under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Jun 22, 2000 / Feature / Doug Ireland

California’s Knightmare California’s Knightmare

W hen the Vermont Supreme Court ruled December 20 that denying the statutory benefits and protections of marriage to same-sex couples was discriminatory, conservatives began frot...

Jan 27, 2000 / Editorial / Doug Ireland

Gay Teens Fight Back Gay Teens Fight Back

Jared Nayfack was 11 years old and living in the heart of conservative Orange County, California, when he told his best friend from school that he was gay--"and my friend then ca...

Jan 13, 2000 / Feature / Doug Ireland

Buchanan Breaks Ranks Buchanan Breaks Ranks

In Washington, a city in which (to borrow a phrase from Virginia Woolf) all is gossip, corruption and chatter, the end-of-summer buzz has been about Pat Buchanan and whether he'll ...

Sep 2, 1999 / Editorial / Doug Ireland and Micah L. Sifry

Gloves Off in the Garden State Gloves Off in the Garden State

The newly regilded dome of Trenton's state capitol may be shimmering under the intense summer sun, but if New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman's entourage is sweating bulle...

Aug 5, 1999 / Feature / Doug Ireland

No Protection for Gays No Protection for Gays

There's a bill speeding its way through Congress that would shred much of the protection against discrimination provided by the dozens of local and state gay civil rights laws.

Jun 24, 1999 / Editorial / Doug Ireland

Rebuilding the Gay Movement Rebuilding the Gay Movement

When Republican Senator Al D'Amato was endorsed for re-election last November by the Human Rights Campaign--the nation's wealthiest gay civil rights lobby--the HRC's appalling de...

Jun 24, 1999 / Feature / Doug Ireland