D.D. Guttenplan



D.D. Guttenplan is editor of The Nation.

Parallax and Palestine Parallax and Palestine

The divergence in British and US views on the Middle East has become acute.

Feb 21, 2002 / Feature / D.D. Guttenplan

Letter From London Letter From London

Europe and the United States have begun to follow diverging scripts on the war.

Dec 7, 2001 / Feature / Maria Margaronis and D.D. Guttenplan

Talking With ‘Red Ken’ Talking With ‘Red Ken’

London's new mayor is Thatcher's old nemesis. Is he also a leading indicator?

Nov 30, 2000 / Feature / Maria Margaronis and D.D. Guttenplan

History and the Holocaust History and the Holocaust

"This trial," said the plaintiff, David Irving, "is not really about what happened in the Holocaust." Opposing counsel agreed: "The essence of the case is Mr.

Apr 13, 2000 / Editorial / D.D. Guttenplan