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D.D. Guttenplan is editor of The Nation.

Whitewashing Blair Whitewashing Blair

Meteorologists may disagree, but the political weather in Britain almost always comes from the United States.

Feb 5, 2004 / Editorial / D.D. Guttenplan

Blair, Triumphant Blair, Triumphant

In the end, Tony Blair had nothing to fear but fear itself. As the Labour Party assembled for its annual conference here on Britain's Yiddish Riviera, the news looked grim.

Oct 9, 2003 / Editorial / D.D. Guttenplan

UK Sideshow to Iraq UK Sideshow to Iraq

With its daily dominance of the headlines and a stellar cast from the worlds of government, secret intelligence and the media, the Hutton inquiry, playing here until the end of...

Sep 4, 2003 / Editorial / D.D. Guttenplan

The Poodle That Barked The Poodle That Barked

George Bush is supposed to be the cowboy, Tony Blair the sidekick--or, in some versions, the presidential poodle.

Mar 20, 2003 / Editorial / D.D. Guttenplan

Europe on the March Europe on the March

So this is what it feels like to be in the political mainstream.

Feb 20, 2003 / Editorial / Maria Margaronis and D.D. Guttenplan

Letter From London Letter From London

Europeans opposed to war in Iraq are united by a deep distrust, even fear, of America.

Feb 6, 2003 / Feature / D.D. Guttenplan

Letter From London Letter From London

A specter is haunting the Jews of Europe: the specter of anti-Semitism. A synagogue is firebombed in Belgium; three more are burned in France, where Jean-Marie Le Pen's National F...

Jun 13, 2002 / Editorial / D.D. Guttenplan

Le Pen’s People Le Pen’s People

The second round of France's presidential elections was billed as "l'escroc" (the crook) versus "le facho" (the fascist). In the event, incumbent President Jacques Chirac got t...

May 9, 2002 / Editorial / Maria Margaronis and D.D. Guttenplan

Parallax and Palestine Parallax and Palestine

The divergence in British and US views on the Middle East has become acute.

Feb 21, 2002 / Feature / D.D. Guttenplan

Letter From London Letter From London

Europe and the United States have begun to follow diverging scripts on the war.

Dec 7, 2001 / Feature / Maria Margaronis and D.D. Guttenplan