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Billy Sothern

Billy Sothern, a New Orleans anti-death penalty lawyer and a Soros
Justice Media Fellow, is a frequent contributor to The Nation and
the author of Down in New Orleans: Reflections From a Drowned

  • CitiesJanuary 25, 2006

    A Second-Line Revival

    Storm-whipped New Orleanians returned to the city to join a joyful second-line parade, a revival of music that made real the triumph of the city's spirit.

    Billy Sothern

  • CitiesDecember 15, 2005

    Left to Die

    If a society is measured by the treatment of its prisoners, we are in deeper trouble in New Orleans than we realize. The biggest prison crisis since Attica is now unfolding in the devastated city, with inmates jammed into inadequate facilities, often abused and unrepresented by attorneys or advocates.

    Billy Sothern