This week we talk face-to-face with Michael Lee, senior writer at The Vertical for Yahoo! Sports, about the prospect of players protesting during the anthem in the NBA—and how NBA Commissioner Adam Silver would handle it.

Also, we speak to Lindsay Gibbs, sports correspondent for ThinkProgress, about Cam Newton’s sexist comments to a female reporter and how racism against Cam became part of the story.

We have Choice Words about the stupidest argument ever against anthem protests, Just Stand Up and Just Sit Down awards, your weekly Kaepernick watch, and much more!

Michael Lee, NBA Senior Writer at The Vertical on Yahoo! Sports
Why NBA players should be allowed to take a knee
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Lindsay Gibbs, Sports Reporter at ThinkProgress & Co-Host of the Burn It All Down Podcast
Cam Newton’s sexist comment: A reminder about what women in media still deal with
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Protesting NFL Players Aren’t Being Demonized Only by Trumpers