Top 10 Memorial Day Songs

Top 10 Memorial Day Songs

Songs about war and attendant suffering cut across musical genres.


Memorial Day, first known as Decoration Day, originated in the North after the Civil War to commemorate fallen Union soldiers. By the 20th century the holiday had been extended to honor Americans who had perished in any US conflict. I think the best way to honor the fallen is to make every effort to prevent needless deaths in the future. That means combat only as a true last resort.

In this vein, here are my Top 10 Memorial Day Songs. The list is highly debatable; songs about war and attendant suffering cut across musical genres. Though I proudly claim hippie roots, I’ve omitted clichéd classics like “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?,” “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “Imagine,” and “Give Peace A Chance.” I’ve also given short shrift to an important subgenre of heavy metal anti-war anthems like Motorhead’s “1916” and Metallica’s 1989 classic, “One,” and I’ve ignored the rich history of punk-rock excoriations of the insanity of war. Hopefully, this will spur people to make their own lists.

1. Loretta Lynn, Dear Uncle Sam

2. Bill Withers, I Can’t Write Left-Handed

3. Bob Dylan, Masters of War

4. Curtis Mayfield, We Gotta Have Peace

5. Joni Mitchell, The Fiddle and the Drum

6. The Jam, Little Boy Soldiers

7. Freda Payne, Bring the Boys Home

8. Bob Marley, War/No More Trouble

9. Eric Bogle, The Green Fields of France

10. Paper Lace, Billy Don’t Be a Hero

Bonus Track #1: Nick Lowe, What’s So Funny ’Bout Peace, Love and Understanding

Bonus Track #2: The Pogues, And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

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