Resources: What You Can Do

Resources: What You Can Do

The activists connecting patients to abortion care need you.


How to Get Help

Find an abortion clinic or a US-based telemedicine provider at or If you live in a state where abortion is illegal and you can’t travel, your options include international telemedicine services, ordering pills yourself, or using mail forwarding. has options by state and vetted websites to buy pills. For questions about the legal risks of self-managing an abortion, call the Repro Legal Helpline at 844-868-2812. If you’re self-managing an abortion and have medical questions, call or text the M+A Hotline at 833-246-2632. Their website,, explains how to safely self-manage an abortion.

If you need emotional support, call All-Options at 888-493-0092 or, for post-abortion support, text Exhale Pro-Voice at 617-749-2948.

How to Help

With abortion in crisis, you might automatically think of donating to a large organization like Planned Parenthood. Here are some smaller organizations that need help too.

Independent clinics like Amy Hagstrom Miller’s Whole Woman’s Health perform 55 percent of abortions, according to the Abortion Care Network. Find your local independent clinic or donate to the ACN’s Keep Our Clinics campaign at

Find your local abortion fund on the National Network of Abortion Funds website, Abortion funds help pay for abortions. Some pay for travel, too.

Want to buy a comforting gift for a traveling abortion patient? Find the Amazon wishlist for Just the Pill’s mobile clinic patients at

Support Texas patients traveling with the Reverend Erika Ferguson to New Mexico (see page 14) by buying them a coffee or airport breakfast:

If you live near a clinic, find out if they have a volunteer clinic escort program, or need one.

Last but not least, organize! All over the country, people are organizing against local anti-abortion measures and in favor of proactive policies. Find ideas at the National Institute for Reproductive Health website,

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