Trump’s greatest vulnerability may not be Russiagate, but rather his financial crimes. David Cay Johnston explains—he has been investigating and reporting on Trump’s finances for nearly 30 years. He won a Pulitzer Prize at The New York Times, and now he’s editor-in-chief of 

Plus: The amazing news from Korea about the prospects for peace and de-nuclearization: historian Bruce Cumings of the University of Chicago comments, warning that the Washington consensus opposes a treaty. His books include The Korean War: A History and North Korea: Another Country.

Also: James Comey has tried to justify his announcement about investigating Hillary’s emails 11 days before Election Day—but what the fired FBI director said on his book tour is different from what’s in his book, A Higher LoyaltyElizabeth Drew, the legendary Washington journalist, comments—she’s the author of Washington Journal: Reporting Watergate and Richard Nixon’s Downfall.