Letters From the April 20/27, 2020, Issue

Letters From the April 20/27, 2020, Issue

Letters From the April 20/27, 2020, Issue

Thumbs up, thumbs down… Bye-Bye Bloomberg…


Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

I was disappointed to read The Nation’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination [“Sanders for President,” March 30]. He espouses programs that Congress will not support and has a record of iconoclastic behavior and failure to work effectively with colleagues. At a time when the United States needs a bridge builder and an adept compromiser, Sanders would be just as divisive as Donald Trump.

Moreover, Sanders’s socialist moniker would almost certainly cost him the election, thus handing another four years to Trump. Along the way, the Democratic Party would likely lose many congressional seats to the Republicans.

I urge The Nation to withdraw this endorsement.

Glenn G. Slocum

Elizabeth Warren had a path to the White House, and I am disappointed The Nation joined a number of media outlets in discounting her. As a friend of a friend (a man!) said, “For fuck’s sake, it’s way past time for a woman to get elected!”
Susan Eleuterio
highland, ind.

As a loyal Nation reader for more decades than I care to admit, I was struck by the contrast between the editorial endorsement of Bernie Sanders, with its eloquent description of the world the writers would like to live in, and Joan Walsh’s cogent (and accurate) account of the one we actually inhabit [“Black Voters Matter,” March 30]. I share Walsh’s sadness about the demise of Warren’s campaign and weep for the continued starring role of misogyny in our politics.
David P. Balamuth
bryn mawr, pa.

I am pleased that The Nation has endorsed Sanders. He is the best presidential candidate in my lifetime (73 years). He has transformed and revitalized progressive politics in his two campaigns. A Sanders-Warren ticket would be outstanding.
CR Lawn

A forceful and worthy endorsement. On the nose. The choice between Sanders and Joe Biden is clear: Biden represents the middle road on climate change, little to no enthusiasm on Medicare for All, silence on a wealth tax and a tax on Wall Street transactions, a continuation of the military-industrial complex and interventionist policies, and resistance to criminal justice reform and the legalization of marijuana.

Sanders, in my opinion, is still relatively unknown to some voters. And in this election the Democratic National Committee, establishment lawmakers, and yes, even some unions have to decide whether they stand with the 1 percent and corporations or with workers, the middle class, and the poor. Do they support a New Deal for the people and the planet?

The Nation’s endorsement sends a clear message that the establishment can push the nation and the world forward or choose to hold it back.

Alan Quellmalz

Proud of The Nation! We have to close ranks and strengthen the progressive camp.
Pablo Sadler

Thank you for this endorsement. I am still committed to Warren but will have no problem voting for Bernie, should he win the nomination. I, too, think a Sanders-Warren ticket would be a winner.
Ruth Kay

Bye-Bye Bloomberg

Re Ken Klippenstein’s article “This Was a Grift” [March 30]: Bloomberg’s theme song should have been “Can’t Buy Me Love.”
Bruce Kalter

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