The Board Meeting

The Board Meeting


There was a meeting.
They had an agenda.

It was time to talk
about loving a man

in the supermarket,
how that might

affect sales of
imported candy

and levels of light
in the produce.

It was the best meeting
they’d ever had.

Everyone wanted it
to last forever, like

it had seemed April
was going to last year

or was it the year
before that. People

at the meeting had
a lot in common.

Not only were they
all employed by

the same company,
but also most of them

drove to the meeting
in a car, sometimes

the same car, so
there was barely

a meter between them.
They could all vote

and they could all hold forth
on the beauty and danger

of poisonous berries.
It was a perfect meeting.

They each had one blue eye
and two green ones.

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