I’m telling
you a place of
purple rocks
stretching to
the sunset…I’m
telling you
eyes like a
telling you huge
bouquets of flowers
drooling in cheap
telling you
betrayal is the law.
Learn the rhythm
of betrayal, a
jetty stretching
to eternity,
purple and orange
sky. Learn
the children
on the rocks,
the product
of betrayal,
the body of
a pharaoh, limbs
of grey and purple
dust. Limbs
that crumble under
systems designed
to blast children
into dust. You
can’t know who
I pray to.
You don’t
know where
I go, my
trap doors.
You don’t know
who loves me,
who makes me
a queen. You can’t
see the place
I am, so you
hate me. I
plunge into
the water;
I dive for
the truth;
I don’t look
back. I don’t
stop until
I turn to
dust darkening
the cheeks
of a pharaoh
bathing in gold.