Puzzle No. 3529

Puzzle No. 3529


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 1 Eastern yogi, originally in Asian capital, had a meal before beginning to read our message for Nation cryptic solvers (3,3,5)

 7Taken is given a little more than three stars? (7)

 8 Macho guys, lacking source of French, ultimately stand corrected (7)

10 and 4 Joy follows an Oscar-winning movie director (3,3)

11 Strangely, Eric showed up first with our message for Nation cryptic solvers (11)

13 Fade in where Sue garbled our message for Nation cryptic solvers (3,11)

16 Suffers from endless story introducing rental company with thanks—that’s our message for Nation cryptic solvers (5,2,5)

21 Song about union leader flipping over our message for Nation cryptic solvers (2,6)

22 Reason backward to capture green chess piece (6)

25 Investigating naked bird (5)

26 Pagan hero dancing where some children dwell (9)

27 Retract cry of alarm and cry of pain when consuming two cups—that’s what we hope Nation cryptic solvers will do at www.leftfieldcryptics.com (4,2,5)


 1 Disregard short and very loud enclosure for rough treatment (5,3)

 2 Uplifting illustrations (ten at the start of every addendum) (5)

 3 Part of Concorde redesigned and laid out systematically (7)

 4 See 10

 5 Lever altered (redealt) (7)

 6 Like a wild horse, or a concise legal contract? (9)

 7 Climbing mountain, sped up to get flat (6)

 9 Doctor said, “This is a good place to speak” (4)

12 Chopped liver on rye, essentially? Indeed (6)

14 Fey, timeless performance around five is early (2,7)

15 Old Yankee cloak (6)

17 Stumble over oil spill in African city (7)

18 Large vehicle and two Ford models connecting two universities in Pacific nation (7)

19 Heard fruit, heard fruit, for example (4)

20 Journey captured live for man with all the answers? (6)

23 Grind D. Crosby’s partner (5)

24 Notice small vessel (4)

Dear Readers: This is the last Nation puzzle. You can continue to get Kosman and Picciotto’s cryptic crosswords by going to leftfieldcryptics.com. See their goodbye message in last week’s issue.